Camping Knowledge That Will Make Your Trip Great

Not a lot is better than sleeping under the night sky with your loved ones. Camping is one of the greatest pastimes we have and for a good reason. However, it is important to note that while camping can be great fun, you need to plan for many things when taking a trip. The following article has some great advice on what you be better prepared for going camping.

Make sure your survival kit is available on a constant basis. Survival kits should contain waterproof matches, a survival knife, a first aid kit, a flare gun and water purifying tablets. Your survival kit can be the difference between you making it out of the woods on a stretcher or your own two feet. Remember to carry it with you and do not leave it in your camp.

TIP! Make sure that you both carry a survival kit and then get in the habit of always having it with you. You need to pack a flare gun, utility knife, matches and a first aid kit.

Pick a type of sleeping bag according to what season it is. You are going to roast all night long in a sleeping bag designed for sub-zero temperatures. On the other hand, bring a sleeping bag meant for summer camping will make you very cold during your winter camping trip. You may even contract hypothermia.

Don’t fear that you are overpacking for your kids on a camping trip. Camping is messy business. Dirt and dust are like magnets for children. Your kids may become filthy as the day goes on. Be sure to pack some extra clothes for your kids in case this happens. It’s best to be prepared.

TIP! Pack in excess for your kids when you are going camping. Camping can be messy.

Allow everyone who is going on the camping party a say in the campsite. Talk about where you would like to go to.There are a lot of choices in the United States that it may make it hard to choose just one. You could even pick three or four possible destinations and allow a family vote on to make it easier.

Consider taking a CPR and first aid class. This is especially important if young children are traveling with you. In case of an accident, you will know what to do until medical help arrives. You should also do some research. Find out what poisonous snakes or dangerous animals live in the area.

TIP! Before going camping, take a course in first aid, especially if you plan to bring children with you. You will have all of the medical knowledge you will need in case of an accident.

Make sure that you get a tent you take camping has enough space for everyone you are taking along. This will allow you are able to comfortably move around without disturbing people you need to use the bathroom.

Pack your camping supplies in advance of your trip. You don’t need to forget something important like your sleeping bag or tent. Be sure you double check everything you’re taking and create a checklist prior to taking off so you’re sure everything is there.

TIP! Make sure that you bring all of your camping equipment with you before you head out on your trip. The last thing you need is to forget something essential like your tent or sleeping bag.

Check over your medical insurance policy. You may need a new policy when you are traveling on your camping trip. This is more crucial if your camping destination is in Canada or another country. Be sure that you prepare yourself in case there is an injury or illness.

Kids like camping, but they need structured activities. If you’re settled among the trees, they may become bored. They may not be used to thing like fishing and pitching a tent. Get them used to it prior to leaving on the trip.

TIP! Camping is a very kid-friendly activity, but you should keep kids busy by planning activities. They could get bored if there isn’t anything to do.

Dryer lint can make great kindling for starting campfires. Collect the lint from your dryer to bring with you. Hang a grocery bag beside your dryer and toss the lint in it. This allows you to just get your kindling ready when it is time to go.

Make sure that you take some activity equipment with you. Create a good scavenger hunt list, pack some fishing poles and carry along some board or card games to entertain you while sitting in the middle of the woods. Children often complain that they’re bored wherever they go, so bring along as many items as you can think of to keep them entertained.

TIP! You need to take things to entertain yourself during your camping trip. Entertain yourself by taking cards and fishing poles.

Emergency kits are a camping trip.Take into consideration all the possibilities that nature has to offer, so keep some anti-venom on hand.

Make sure you have what you might need in case of any event. Things can sometimes go awry, even when carefully planned. The weather may change all of a sudden, illness and injuries can occur, your circumstance can change, etc. You mustn’t take any reckless risks, be careless, and you need to think before acting.

TIP! Come prepared for everything when you’re preparing to camp. Anything can happen while camping so it is crucial to be prepared.

After enjoying the sweet juicy fruit, rub the peel onto exposed body parts and this will repel any blood-sucking bugs.

If you are pitching a tent, look for soft, level ground. Pitching your tent on bumpy, rocky ground or on a slope won’t make for a very comfortable night’s sleep. Make sure to put a tarp down so that water cannot penetrate your tent.

TIP! When selecting an area for your tent, look for the area of the campsite with the flattest and softest ground. Picking a sloped or rocky spot causes you to feel uncomfortable anytime you sit in your tent.

If you’re camping where there is dangerous wildlife, make sure you are prepared with respect to food. This can reduce the likelihood of experiencing an attack.

Pesky mosquito bites can be avoided with an orange peel. If everything was packed but you didn’t remember the bug spray, don’t worry! Just rub the inside of the peel over any exposed body parts. This can help for many hours.

TIP! Use orange peels to ward off mosquito bites naturally while camping. This is an especially useful tip to remember if you forgot your bug spray.

Make sure you pack for your trip. It is not uncommon to accidentally bump the switch and turn your flashlight on when digging through your bags. Keep the batteries for the flashlight in a secure place to avoid accidentally turning them on. This way they won’t activate if the flashlight from coming on and will ensure it is ready for use when needed.

Before you go camping, make sure to think about the clothes you will need for the trip. Be sure you have enough clean clothes to last the entire trip. It is also important to have clothing that is right for the weather you might encounter. Closed toe shoes and hiking boots are generally needed for camping.

TIP! Make a plan as to what you’ll wear. Take extra pairs of clothes to last you throughout your whole trip.

Keep pictures of your children on you if they are camping with you.This picture could be used to help find them if they are separated from you while on your trip. Be certain you take a picture in case of an emergency, particularly if your camping destination is quite a ways from home.

One simple tip that many people overlook is creating your shelter before dark. Pitching tents in the dark can be almost impossible. A flashlight or a fire will be essential. It’s much easier to pitch your tent while it’s light out.

TIP! One simple tip that many people overlook is creating your shelter before dark. It is much more difficult to pitch your tent after dark.

One great piece of equipment to carry while camping trip is to pack a spare utility knife. Utility knives serve many functions so make sure you Pack an extra one in your bag just in case you lose the one you carry around.

If you are tenting, it is important that you seal any of the seams in your tent. If your tent doesn’t have it, you may purchase a tube at a sporting goods store. This will allow you to keep wild animals and bad weather from getting into your tent.

TIP! When you are putting up your tent, make sure that you find a way to seal all of the seams. You can purchase sealant at shops that sell sporting goods, but some tents come with a tube.

It is important that a first-aid kit and other survival items never be forgotten for a camping trip.These kits can help to reduce the difference between a ruined or shortened trip and being able to handle an unforeseen complication. You may also be able to prevent things that are serious from getting worse until you can get help for the injured person.

At the end of your camping trip, make sure your camping site is clean. Bring enough garbage bags for all the trash. Do not leave any left over food behind. The major rule for leaving a campsite is to just leave behind footprints.

TIP! Clean up your campsite before going home. Pack your own garbage bags to make cleaning easy.

One easy tip to keep in mind is that you have to build your shelter before dark. It is much more difficult to pitch your tent when it is dark. You will need a fire or use a flashlight. It is simply much easier to do this while the sun is still out so you can put it up correctly.

Choose an appropriate sleeping bag for the season. For example, if it’s summertime you need a bag that’s lighter so you’re not too hot during the night. In the winter, thicker bags are necessary to keep you warm.

TIP! When choosing a sleeping bag, be sure you select one that fits the season in which you are going to be camping. Summer requires only a lightweight sleeping bag.

Make sure that duct tape is part of your camping trip.

Always do everything possible to stay safe while on a camping trip. It is usually best to avoid the wild animals, big and small, that you may encounter. That cute little squirrel may not be the friendly cute companion that it seems to be. Keep your food out of reach of bears at all time, and do not try to interact with them.

TIP! Stay safe while you camp. Make sure to avoid all bears and larger wildlife in the wilderness.

A first aid kit is absolutely essential to have in your camping gear.This should have all the necessary materials in case there’s an accident.Your kit for first aid should contain painkillers, bandages, splinting materials, snake bite treatments and wound dressings.

Make sure to plan fun things to do from your trip’s start to its finish. There is a lot more to do than just roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Try to think of things to do that each member will enjoy. Take older and younger kids into consideration when thinking of something to do.

TIP! Make sure you have fun activities planned beforehand. There is much more to camping than fires and smores.

If you are camping for several days or weeks, you may want to take the time to pack some entertainment. Try to leave the electronics at home, deck of cards and fishing pole to make it easier to enjoy the nature around you.

If you have never been camping but are curious about whether you’d like it or not, there’s an easy way to find out. Set up a tent in your backyard, and do a campout back there. Forbid yourself from entering the house. If you find the exercise enjoyable, you might like real camping, too.

TIP! If you’re ready to head to the wildnerness to camp but haven’t ventured outside of your home in the past, it’s easy to test your readiness. Pitch a tent in your backyard and spend the entire night out there.

Bring lots of dryer lint when you camp. Lint makes the flame brighter than wood.

If you are camping along a stream or river, always set up your bathroom area downstream. Therefore, the water will flow away from your camping site. Make sure you relieve yourself a minimum of 100 yards from your campsite.

TIP! Ensure that you go to the bathroom downstream if applicable. This ensures that water flowing through your camp remains uncontaminated by your additions.

Fire safety is very important to know when camping. Know how to build a safe fire circle. Have buckets nearby that are full of water in the event the fire is larger than you planned on.

You always need to have your shelter set up before it gets dark. If the sun is going down, you may be too late to get your shelter finished before darkness closes in. If you aren’t using a tent, getting a place to sleep is better when there is light.

TIP! Make sure to always finish setting up your tent or other shelter before the sun goes down. As the sun is setting, you may not have enough time to finish setting up before it gets completely dark.

You may run into some problems you did not be aware of all the possible complications. You may need to take some extra precaution to avoid a serious issue and enjoy your trip.

During your camping planning, pull out any old recipes you may have. While hotdogs and burgers are great, they can get old after a day or two. It is possible to create some variety. Look through your cookbooks to find easy recipes that are conducive to outdoor preparation. Don’t forget to pack spice and seasoning favorites.

TIP! Browse your recipe books to get ideas for camping cuisine. Eating the same old foods every meal during a camping trip can become a drag.

Don’t leave piles of trash after you’ve completed your campsite dirty.

Pack every necessity your pet will require, if they camp with you. You need some proper restraints just in case they encounter other animals. Always have a leash as well. Be certain to have current licenses and vaccination records for your animals. Bring along food, bowls and clean water. Clean up after your pets and dispose of the waste properly.

TIP! When bringing your pet along on a camping trip, make sure that you have everything they will need. You’re going to need to be able to restrain them just in case they feel like running after another animal.

Reading and listening to music are great activities while you camp, but also make sure you enjoy nature. You will feel refreshed and relaxed later.

Your first priority when camping should be fire safety. Learn the proper way to build a fire ring that is safe. Make sure to keep water on hand to put out a fire that gets out of control. Never leave a fire unattended, and be prepared to stop a fire that gets out of hand.

TIP! Make fire safety your top priority while camping. Learn how to handle fire safely.

As you can see, preparing for a great trip to the outdoors can take careful planning and consideration. Utilize the tips you have seen in this piece to make your trip as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Your home is not nature. In other words, don’t leave trash lying around or leave things messy. Look to leave your site just like you found it. By respecting nature, you ensure that it will always be around.

TIP! It may sound obvious, but your campsite is not your house. Don’t litter or leave your campsite dirty.